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I finally made a recording with the Spire that was a disappointing failure. There is a song that is the "theme song" of a group where I participate. My wife said, "You should record that song!" Being the dutiful husband I am, I gave it a shot.

She printed out the words for me - it's a 3 chord song, so it didn't take me long to pick out the chords and then transpose them to a key that was better for me. I thought I'd sit down, read the words and sing and play it track by track after listening to the song a couple times.

Apparently, the Spire isn't capable of helping the singer remember the words, or the guitar player to have a smooth flow from the verse into the bridge, and the drummer to try to follow along with the guitar player's dropped beats? The bass player was a bit indignant, saying, "I have to find a better band."

I thought this was supposed to be "easy"??

To be fair, I still had fun with it, but the odds are pretty good it won't show up here.

Happy New Year fellow Spire fans!
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