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Originally Posted by Glennwillow View Post
I agree with Jeff Matz, above.

I have an Eastman 910CE. It's a beautiful guitar, and I feel guilty for not having spent enough time with it. But I really don't care for the unplugged sound; plugged into a really nice, clean tube amp it sounds heavenly. To me, this is as good an amplified sound from an archtop guitar as I have ever heard.

I should do more with mine because it's a wonderful jazz guitar. But playing jazz guitar for me is real work. I can do it, but I need to put the time in. Other kinds of pop and folk-rock types of things just fall into place so easily for me, that if I take the path of least resistance, I just don't take the time to do my homework on learning jazz oriented music. But I should.

Maybe that will be my new years resolution, to spend more time learning the American Songbook on my wonderful Eastman archtop.

- Glenn
I signed up for the Martin Taylor Fingerstyle course on Artistworks and I’ve sent Martin my first video and working on learning about 10th intervals up and down (and across the neck). Should be fun because it’s jazz box material but applicable to any guitar.
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