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Originally Posted by GuitarLuva View Post
.... I can't even play my Gibson dread anymore now after the X30, it's just way less comfortable and I quickly realized that I much prefer the 1.75" nut width of the Emerald vs the 1.72" of the Gibson.
I hear that! My WS-1000 does not get much play any more, just like my wood guitars. Once you get used to that bevel on the lower bout, hard edges on traditional guitars are so..... uncomfortable on the forearm. I may need to look into a John Pearse arm rest for it to soften the edge.

Originally Posted by Elisdad View Post
.....Does the glossy neck on carbon fiber necks feel sticky like some of the glossy wood guitar necks?
I haven't noticed much stickiness on my gloss necks, and I generally prefer satin given a choice. But I don't have a lot of humidity where I live, summer or winter, and apparently don't have especially sweaty hands. And just so you know, Emerald shoots all the necks in glossy and sands them to get the satin finish, as shown in 121's picture, during the final finishing steps. Crystal Ice feels surprisingly smooth to the touch, even though it looks rather pebbly in photos. It is a no-cost option when you order, but they prefer to keep the tops glossy (others have asked).
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