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Originally Posted by Elisdad View Post
Wow! Thank you all for the responses!

Does the glossy neck on carbon fiber necks feel sticky like some of the glossy wood guitar necks?
I've tried a 2018 Emerald X7 with gloss neck and compared it to my two Emerald guitars (2016 X7 and 2017 X20) both with satin necks.
IMHO the gloss neck had a sticky feel compared to the two guitars with satin necks. In addition to that, in humid weather, I've noticed that sticky feel on the back and side of the gloss body on my X20. My X7 has a gloss top but crystal ice back and sides and the crystal ice finish does not feel sticky.

This X7 is a small body guitar and not the flat picker you'd probably be interested in.
I'm only posting this picture so you can see what the satin neck and crystal ice back and sides looks like.

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