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From the Spire site:

When recording with Spire Studio, your audio is stored in the Spire Studio itself. However, your recordings will sync to your phone almost instantly. Syncing occurs periodically throughout the recording process in near-realtime. Your recordings will exist both in the Spire Studio and on your phone simultaneously, so there is never a need to manually sync your projects between your phone and Spire Studio.

Each time you connect your phone to a Spire Studio, your Project List will update to include all recordings stored on that Spire Studio unit. If you see "Spire Studio" under a project, this indicates that the recording is located only on your Spire Studio. Opening the project will download it to your phone!

After a project is synced to a phone, it no longer exists on the internal memory of the Spire Studio. This means that if another device is connected to Spire Studio the project will not be available. In order to have copies of a project on two different iOS devices, simply export the Spire project from the first device and import it to the Spire app on the second device.


If I am reading this correctly, once a project is synced to your device, it is deleted from the Spire Studio unit. I always use the Spire with the same iPad. I know you can use the Spire without being connected to a device, but I don't know how you'd scroll through projects in process with just the Spire. It is a one-button press to move a project from your iPad or phone to another device (air drop), assuming you have an internet connection.

The Spire is great. The app is great. Together, they make the experience a snap. Having used them together, I don't see a situation where I would use either alone.
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