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Originally Posted by guitaniac View Post
If your Anthem SL rig is like mine, it sets a poor standard for clarity without some substantial EQ corrections. My rig is overly strong around the crossover frequency of 250Hz. Before I learned to EQ down those low mids, folks would tell me that my amplified steel-string OM sounded like a nylon-stringer.
Every pickup needs some EQ help to sound its best. I should've said that when I hooked them both up to the Fishman amp I left the EQ flat. Even after tweaking both of these pickups the clarity and note separation on the Schatten is far superior to the anthem to my ears. The only edge I would give the anthem is it has more bottom end on it's own compared to the Schatten without a preamp. I'm not trying to sell it by no means but my impression of it so far with only a couple hours of playing time is very high. If anything changes I will let you know, crossing my fingers as I haven't been having much luck with pickup systems lately but I think I found my winner.
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