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Originally Posted by jonfields45 View Post
How exactly did you remove the PUP after installation with Loctite 495? Is this particular glue weaker than standard cyanoacrylate glue? Would Loctite Threadlocker Blue 242 be another option for not quite permanent pickup installation?

Just grab a hold of it with a generous amount force and it will come right off leaving little mess behind. The trick is to how you put it on. Use a foam brush and gently apply it to each of the 3 legs (don't drown it). It creates a very strong bond (i.e. it will never ever fall off but still relatively easy to remove if you so desire). That's why I love the stuff! But there's no way I would ever consider using Loctite threadlocker for a pickup install that's not what it's designed for. Not saying it wouldn't work just that I wouldn't ever consider trying it.
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