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I just had someone contact us this morning asking about the possibility of installing our pickups using superglue or epoxy, and they pointed me to here, where this conversation is going on.

SpruceTop, I hope that you will take the time to contact me, so we can have an in-depth conversation about this before you make any regrettable and irreversible decisions regarding the use of superglue, epoxies, or putties. I'm hoping that you'll actually try our installation method instead of improvising, although believe me, I understand the lure of the DIY spirit!
The answer to a better installation isn't in using different clamps or glue and I'm hoping that you'll give our way a chance. It's not tedious, by the way; it's actually pretty straightforward, and Id be happy to answer any concerns you may have.

Petty1818, I'm not sure exactly what to say; I've tried unsuccessfully for several years now to get you to contact us (both through this forum and via emails) so we can discuss your particular instrument and find out why you are having trouble getting the proper sound from your installations. I'm more than happy to walk you personally through the process and troubleshoot any problems we encounter. I'm still hoping that you'll take me up on this offer.

Oh, and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all!
Gary Hull/Trance Audio
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