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Originally Posted by Doug Young View Post
I don't know. All that matters is if it works for you, but what I've observed is that different adhesives sound different and that the effect isn't consistent across different pickup designs. For example, you'd think that putty on the HFN would be really lousy at transferring energy, but I recall trying to use tape for one, and was surprised how "hard" and thin it sounded. I've been surprised that they now offer tape for those - haven't tried a newer one. When the ibeam first came out, some people complained it sounded thin and nasally, and there was a store in Santa Cruz that was installing them with thicker foam tape that seemed to sound better - this is a bit like what I think Gary may have been saying - the direct contact may actually produce more trebles and a harsh sound rather than more bass. Superglue on the bridgeplate, if it doesn't work will pretty ensure you can't use a trance - it won't adhere properly with the tape or barge cement once the bridgeplate has superglue on it, which again is contradictory with PUTW pickups where he at least used to recommend smearing a little superglue on the bridgeplate to create a smooth bondable surface... too many variables, and that's without getting into the effects of bridgeplate material and thickness, bracing patterns, and so on.
It's interesting you say that. When I first installed my HFN, I put more putty on than I probably should have and I applied just a slight amount of pressure. The tone was very natural, warm and fat sounding. I worried that it wasn't pressed in enough so I put more pressure and the result was a thinner/brighter tone. It does seem as though some pickups definitely do benefit from a bit of a thicker adhesive to tame the high end.

With that said, it does sometimes make me wonder if the Amulet I tried wouldn't maybe benefit from a putty install? The tape is so thin that I feel as though in my particular guitar, the lenses are just amplifying too much high end and need a thicker type of adhesive in order to tame that high end. I mean it's an easy enough experiment.
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