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Originally Posted by Petty1818 View Post
Haha if I had a cheaper guitar, I would totally experiment. One thing I am going to try is installing the HFN with the red tape that comes with the Amulet. Mind you, the tape Schatten sends is insanely thin as well but it's worth a try. I like the putty as it's easy to move but it's harder to get a nice balanced tone.
Another thing to consider, regardless of whatever mounting medium you use, is to make sure all three feet of your Schatten are making equal contact with the tape/bridgeplate interface and one or more of the of the feet isn't lifting slightly and thus not getting as much vibration through it to the pickup. This may mean sanding one or more of your Schatten's feet to make sure that all three make and remain in good contact with the tape/bridgeplate interface. Just follow the Schatten instructions.
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