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Originally Posted by Marshall View Post
Years ago I was a PUTW #27 fan. Still loved the pickup when it worked properly. But the sticky tape would eventually come a little loose at the cable end. And then the thing would start distorting. I'd have to take off the strings and redo the installation. Impossible when you're playing a gig and the thing craps out.

I did eventually put a dab of superglue at the end where the cable attached to the pickup. That worked nice. I sold that guitar a year later. i tested the pickup at the time of sale and it was working nicely. So, I suppose there's something to that gluing thing.
That was my biggest frustration with my PUTW #54 installation. It would de-adhere from the bridge plate. I never felt that sold on it for my application to glue it in permanently.

Otherwise, it was basically microphonic in tone and sounded alive and wonderful. It also was very susceptible to feedback.
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