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Originally Posted by robj144 View Post
That was domination by the Sox. Beating two 100 win teams and the NL's best team to go 11-3. Also, going 6-1 on the road is impressive.
They had the best record in the pres-season, regular season, and obviously the playoffs. Dominance throughout.

Originally Posted by reeve21 View Post
I know it is bad form to quote myself, but I'm so sleep deprived/happy I really don't care. And I'm so rarely correct I can't resist.

Consider this. The Sox were the best team in the best division, in fact they ran away with the regular season. Yankees also won 100 games and Tampa won 90, both in their division. Then they beat the Yankees and the defending world champs (the second and third best teams in baseball this year) to get to the world series. The top 4 hitters in their lineup went south for a good portion of the series, and their closer did his best to give it away. The only game they lost was an 18 inning heart breaker (in which they wasted the next night's starting pitcher), they were 4 runs down after six innings the next night, and it was looking like the series would go 6 if not seven games.

But they completely dominated the next 12 innings, on the road. The manager is a rookie, and the MVP is a part time player who didn't join the team until mid-season. A true team victory.

I would have given the MVP to Price.

Best Boston Red Sox team evah! I guess I can finally get over 1967, 1975 and 1986 now. 04, 07 and 13 were sweet, but this one is the best.
So would I. How many of us would have kept Price as a starter after that blowout in Game 2 against the Yankees? Given his playoff history I wouldn't have - he would have been in the bullpen. Cora is a genius.
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