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Originally Posted by MC5C View Post
Action is normally quoted at the 12th fret, just because it's half way between nut and bridge. Your action is currently exceptionally low, and would only work with quite heavy strings and a very light touch, because the string just needs more room to vibrate. If you are having issues with comfort, then paying attention to the action at the nut is worthwhile. At the end of the day, high E at .065 (1.7mm) and low E at .090" (2.3mm) is considered "normal" for any steel string guitar, acoustic or electric. You can go up from there if you play with a heavier hand, or strum hard, or go down if you play with a very light touch.

I personally set up at those specs, very low relief, and play quite lightly, and I tune down two semi-tones to D-D. I use light gauge acoustic strings, .012 - .054 normally. My guitars are acoustic, no pickup.

Thanks for posting with your preferred specs and setup. I've rehashed my guitar today.

Set the relief to approx 0.25mm and action raised to approx 2mm on low E and 1.5mm on high e string. Playing guitar acoustically and noticeably more projection with clearer sounding chords. I'm contemplating swapping the wood and metal floating bridge that came with the guitar with an all wooden bridge......I've read reports that an all wooden bridge could give even more volume/projection and a more mellow tone.
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