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Originally Posted by Silly Moustache View Post
Hi Frankie,

Short answer - no, I don't think so.

Longer answer - if you are talking about electric guitars ( those that look like archtops but actually have a fence post inside with pick-ups screwed on top), then perhaps they have electric gauge strings and the proximity to the poles is significant ... dunno.

If we are talking about true archtops, then FWIW I have mine set up exactly as my flattop guitars i.e about .110" bass and about .080" treble with a relief of about .008" with medium gauge strings.

The advantage of archtops with floating bridges is that you can (usually) adjust the action height with those little wheelie things (might need some pliers).

The great Freddie Green (Count Basie orchestra) played with an exceptionally high action.

Too low an action may reduce the guitar's tone and projection.

I'd suggest start with a similar action to your flat tops, ensuring that the wheel adjusters allow you to adjust up or down.

Hope that helps
Thanks for posting. Similar specs to what my make of guitar should be. However i've got my action at 14th fret really low...... possibly too low which is maybe affecting the guitars sound adversely. 1.5 mm on low E string and just under 1mm on high e string.

I'll try playing the guitar with the manufacturers suggested action specs of 2.3mm on low E string and 1.7mm on high e string.

(BTW......I enjoyed watching your video of your 3 archtop comparisons).
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