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We just had the privilege of seeing Gillian And Dave in a small venue in OKC. I am a big fan of their music. Their vocals and their playing are so complimentary to each other.... it’s uncanny, really. I bought one of the new Epiphone Olympic modelS when they came but sold it when we sold our home and I needed to thin my herd. I regretted it that day and still do. I know a lot of archtop affficianados are not fans of the new Epi’s but for what they are, they do a very nice job, and I don’t think the intent if them was/is meant to be a faithful copy of their originals, but even still, the Olympic is quite nice. And plugged in, that thing sounded big! Oh, and that was one of the better concerts we have ever seen. David and Gillian are incredibly gracious and kind, engaging, and supremely talented in their musical genre.

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