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Wow, JohnD! That does sound impressive. Definitely looks like the way I could go for smaller shows/parties. I don't need club-level bass, just something that sounds nice and full. I have a pretty good hard rock/metal karaoke selection, and a decent amount of hip-hop, but most singers stick to the standard country/oldies/rock so as long as it has a nicer bass output (and doesn't cut out like) the Fender Passport I had that should do the trick.

Who knows, maybe it will work for my regular shows! My usual gig is probably a venue that is two 30' by 30' rooms, 100 people max. Or maybe I save up and get a twin set of the 602s to run with my mixer...that would also make for a nice compact set-up for regular shows...

So many cool toys out there! And so little money!
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