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Although people get stellar results with all three methods, since you are just starting, I would recommend not anchoring. It allows you greater freedom on your picking hand which IMO helps tone.

Classical players (the ultimate fingerstyle players) don't anchor for that reason. But, in the end, people get great results with different techniques.

I started without anchoring, so I don't feel any insecurity in my picking hand that would be aided by anchoring.

Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
OK, so I have started to delve into finger picking and I can't decide which method is better....anchoring the pinky or resting the heel of the palm near the bridge or as a third option, not anchoring at all. They all seem to have pros and cons, but I feel like I need to pick one or I am impeding my progress.

When I use the pinky anchor, my finger tips get a nice straight on attack on the strings, but my ring finger has trouble picking the high E string due to my pinky kind of being in the way.

When I use the palm resting on the bridge method, my picking seems to be easier and flow better, but I have a weird angle now of attacking the strings with my fingertips that doesn't get a nice full sound like the pinky anchor method does. This is because you fingers are now slightly angled dues to you palm resting on the bridge.

When I don't anchor at all, I get a nice sound with a nice straight on attack of the strings and I don't have issues with the high E string like I mentioned above, but I feel like I am not as smooth and flowing as I am with the other two methods. With practice maybe I could get there?

So do I pick one and stick with it or keep messing around until one method organically chooses itself? Thanks
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