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Originally Posted by superbitterdave View Post
I monitor humidity in my house and try to keep my acoustics healthy.

Iím thinking about putting a guitar hanger in the garage (where I keep my electric bass). Then I started thinking, Ďmaybe I should put in two hangersí. Then, Ďand buy a fun electricí.

I donít really have room in the house for another guitar, and the garage will get hot and dry in the summer. But if itís an electric, do I need to worry that much? Regardless,
Iím not thinking of spending more than a few hundred, so Iím not worried about retaining investment value.

If it's a poly finish, you have nothing to worry about, Poly is pretty much bomb proof.... if it's a nitro finish i'd be careful about leaving it out as nitro will crack alot easier, but if u dont mind the look of lacquer checking it wont matter too much.
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