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Default Do I need to worry about humidity with electrics?

Originally Posted by rmp View Post
I'm changing my answer...

YES they will be effected.

My studio hygrometer was reading about 61 % RH for the last week or 2

so that seems safe right? so I left a few of my electrics out on hangers.

My strat last night was fretting out everywhere. Checked the neck and there was for sure a back bow.

This neck on this guitar when kept in the case, NEVER moves, EVER.

It's a 10 year old USA Made Standard.

I checked my USA made SG standard, don't ya know, BACKBOW. another guitar with a very stable neck that just about never needs a tweek.

I checked the setup on all the others,, they looked ok..

BUT-- Back in the cases they all went.

Yikes. Thanks for the update!

Dave Roach
Taylor 616ce
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