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Default First Classical Guitar...? Which One...?

Not knowing how much you care to put out for a classical guitar. I might suggest first walking into a shop that has a good selection. Sit down and play a few pieces on various guitars.

If you are looking for a total solid wood... back, sides and soundboard, be prepared to spend over a grand. Now that said, there are some laminated back, side and solid top axes that sound good and are affordable, that you can start off with and won't put you in the poorhouse. Than if after a year you really like playing classical guitar, and you can afford it, go for a true solid body. I would suggest trying to stay away from the "cross over" breeds. That is just my personal opinion. I have a parlor sized solid body that has nice tone and projection, but the one difference between that and my more standard scale (650mm with 52mm nut) is tripping over the adjacent string (upper or lower) when doing cross over / finger walking.

I love my Cordoba C10 Parlor for putzing around, cost just a little over a grand... is total solid wood top, bottom and sides and ebony fret-board. But it's nowhere near as sweet as my Burguet Studio full scale when it comes to serious playing... again just my opinion... not knocking Cordoba.. I'm sure their full scale "true Spanish" classical's are nice too.

So... nuff said... get to a shop, pull as many guitars off the wall as they have, sit down and play them... I'm sure one will sound just right (what some call a Goldilocks moment).

Best of luck
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