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Originally Posted by EvanB View Post

Some second thoughts.

I think most guitar shops will offer special deals for multiple orders--could be a way of enlarging your student body.

You might want to move this subject to its own thread. While people on this forum have mentioned taking lessons, there has been little discussion of teaching methods.

The lessons might also involve a casual study dealing with carbon fiber. If you were to allow your students to alternate between their wooden guitars and your X7 would a clear preference become apparent? Would the offset sound hole lead to better hearing and quicker learning?

Interesting stuff.
Interesting, indeed, Evan. We are in the Phoenix area for February and March. The X10 is the only guitar I brought with me. My daughter is always thinking of ways to make these kids "better people"... while she teaches them math and science, she also takes advantage of any opportunity to broaden their horizons. I am realistic in what I can hope to accomplish in the short time I have: I hope to instill some enthusiasm for playing guitar, and they will have to take it from there, whether studying on their own or finding a (paid) teacher.

Back in our day, every kid wanted to learn to play guitar; a few of us stayed with it. I don't know how prevalent wanting to learn to play guitar might be these days. I guess I'll find out this next week. My daughter doesn't know if these kids that are interested have any foundation in music. My plan is to teach them how to tune a guitar, get some basic chords down, and then start learning some songs as soon as possible. I hope to have them playing some 2 to 3 chord songs by the third lesson, assuming they are willing to practice at home.

At this point, I have no idea what they have for guitars (our daughter has already rounded up a couple for those who don't have a guitar at home). This is in a school that is "economically disadvantaged" (over 80% of the kids are on free or reduced lunch). I think a discussion of carbon fiber vs wood may be a bit beyond them at this time. I will be excited if each of the guitars have all six strings. I will do what I can to get their guitars playable and we'll take it from there. Had I known about this before we left home, I would have brought another guitar or two and more of my string stash. We'll see how it plays out.