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Originally Posted by EvanB View Post
Don't worry Jim--it will get there. Maybe. It is truly amazing how many things can slow down a delivery. Some person in a back room wants to try out this cool guitar. Some Person gets the address wrong and sends the guitar back to its point of origin. So many possibilities. But eventually, you may get your guitar.

In the meantime, relax, lay back, play with you cat and say hello to your lovely.
Yeah, it's all good, Evan. I have calculated and determined it will be here at the same moment it arrives.

Late this afternoon, I heard voices. In my head. While that isn't all that unusual, these were dolphin voices: "Jim - we are close by! Come out, Jim - we miss you!"

I asked Joan if she heard the voices. No, she never does; the downside of being normal, I guess. I asked if she wanted to take the boat out for a short outing, but she was busy doing some paperwork. The downside of being all responsible, I guess.

So, I took the boat out solo. The dolphins weren't kidding - they were less than a mile from our house, as the crow flies... further to get the boat out the canals. But, what a great viewing this evening! Pretty much takes my mind off of waiting for anything.

Sometimes you just have to listen to the voices. There's another voice in there - not a dolphin - that is saying: "That X10 is on the way - this is the short part of the wait!"

"What's that, voice? What did you just say? Evan is an instigator? Yeah, I knew that. Did you see those dolphins tonight?!!"