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Originally Posted by palolowarrior View Post
Bacon and scrambled eggs?

You got me looking in my wallet again.

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Originally Posted by palolowarrior View Post
What's your take on Macassar vs ebony for fretboards?
Functionally I don't see significant differences. There are some small differences; Black Ebony tends to be a little more brittle which might mean you would have more chip out on a re-fret job. Macassar rings better when you tap it generally. Macassar tends to be a little more resinous or feel a little more oily. In practice if you are using a treatment on your fret board they would feel the same and probably wear about the same.
The biggest difference is the looks. Black Ebony being the more traditional black, though lately that straight black is often assisted with dye. Sometimes the streaky gray is left to show. Macassar can have some beautiful grain and depth similar to Brazilian Rosewood.
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