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Originally Posted by emmsone View Post
Is there a reason why you picked Maple for the interior laminate?
Have you discovered previously it matches up with Paudauk sonically? it is a good combination structurally? or is it simply a looks thing?

The choice of the "interior" wood for use with double sides is something I haven't manage to spot any specific trends in yet.


I chose maple for the interior laminate for several reasons; It is lightweight. It is not very porous so it doesn't suck up a lot of glue (adding weight) or have a lot of glue bleed through. The color isn't a problem. There is no sonic consideration or any need for one in my opinion unless you are considering using something that might deaden sound like maybe cork or balsa wood.

Originally Posted by Guitars44me View Post
I am really loving this beauty! Nice story about your house and the reflections on the ceiling.

My pal Steve has a spectacular Padouk John Kinnaird axe that is both beautiful and super musical. Nice wood and makes me hungry!


Thanks Paul,

Padauk is an excellent tonewood. I only hear two types of complaints; one is it can be difficult to bend and when your sanding the usual red brick colored Padauk the red color gets everywhere, places you really don't want it to show up on/in!

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