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Default How is this all going to go?

Thanks for commenting everyone!

I had to do some thinking to figure out how to make the colors in this:

Go with the colors in this:

After some consideration what stood out to me was the green stem that runs through out the fretboard inlay. That's a color that would easily carry over.
So my thought was to put Lignum Vitae wood in the rosette which is the same color as that stem.

An easy second thought was to go with black Ebony binding on both the fretboard, guitar body and headstock.

The final idea was to add abalone purfling to the fretboard and carry it into everything else,

Here was my mock-up:

After all parties agreed next step is to make the rosette. I used a center ring of Lignum Vitae wood which came from this board:

Now the funny thing about Lignum Vitae is this is the color of that board freshly cut:

It's UV light that brings out the green. Normally I'd put it outside but not in this weather. Fortunately, enough UV makes it through a window to slowly green things up.

So here is the top with rosette in but she's not quite ready for her close-up:

Thanks for following along!
Mark Hatcher

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