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Originally Posted by Guitars44me View Post
What a SET OF WOODS!!! Super beautiful

Have FUN with this

We will enjoy vicariously...


Glad to have you along Paul!

Here I am laying out on the cedar halves where the top will be cut after it is prepped and glued:

In this next picture I am setting up to plane the two halves and lay up the top. You can see in front the tops are on a shooting board which levels and squares the plane. A planed surface glues better than a sanded or scraped surface so the plane cut needs to be perfect.

Back on the workbench you can see three bar clamps and various other clamps I'll use when I glue the top. Planing the wood for joining and gluing it is not two steps, it is one step. The faster the wood is glued after being prepped the better the glue joint will be. Fifteen minutes is an unacceptable amount of time to wait before gluing, especially WRC, so everything is ready upfront:

Here it is step complete:

Thanks for viewing!
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