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Default Penelope Cross Over start

I have a new start on a Penelope nylon cross over:

It will be Western Red Cedar on two toned water falls figured Bubinga.
I have been filling out my WRC supply with more color and figure choices so we need to make a choice on which top:

We went with the natural sunburst top. One reason this top was chosen was how well its color matched up the the figured two toned Bubinga sides:

This guitar will have the elevated fretboard and the lyre stye headstock I use with the Knilling planetary geared tuning pegs. This will also be the first Florentine cut away Penelope that I have made in the eighteen years I've been making this model.

I think this will be fun build to watch because there will be more surprises along the way!

And we're off!
Mark Hatcher

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