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Originally Posted by cigarfan View Post
Lookin' Schweeet! Bet this guitar is going to really sound good!
Thanks cigarfan! I'm thinking this will sound great. When just tapping that Redwood top now it's loud, full, and it rings and rings.

I've started the Koa trim on the body and that begins with the end graft;

I'm also working up the neck at this point. We're going with a rosewood neck. The more I use alternative woods for necks the more I like them, There is a great feel, additional sustain, stability, and while I freely admit this is a subjective opinion I believe I can hear tonal advantages as well;

Those who follow me probably know I do a variety of headstock styles. One is what I tend to call my sculpted pillow topped design. This is a lullaby guitar? Hmm that's a no brainer! Here is a picture of the design for those who don't normally follow my work;

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