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Resurrecting this thread... I discovered and tried one of these amps today at a local music shop. To my ears, it is the nicest sounding amp for that price point that I have ever played through. I was playing a <$500 guitar, a Guild 240-CE, with Guild's A-1 electronics.

The EQ is extremely musical and the onboard effects are very useable, and I really like the chorus. The tone from the amp was rich, and I feel, very accurately reproduced the sounds and nuances of an acoustic guitar. I demo'd an Audix OM-5 through channel 2, and that sounded great as well. The onboard reverb added a nice touch.

It is about the size of the Fishman Loudbox Performer, maybe not quite as tall. Light enough, portable, and would work very well for a solo act, maybe even a duo, if a person could EQ a mic and guitar through the same channel well enough (maybe that wouldn't be doable). However, for $1000, it is one heck of a piece of gear.

On another note, I gave the Keeley Caverns V2 and Keeley Compressor Pro a run-through as well. Both are amazing pedals, and they both sound excellent on acoustic guitar! The shimmer on the Caverns is amazing and the compressor is so musical, virtually studio quality.

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