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Lasted 15 minutes

Effects: Delay, Rev, Chorus etc
Chorus, flange were the best of the bunch (sound is OK). The rest were passable. Once you set a preset though, there is NO visual feedback when you call it up as to what is ON. Quick changes are possible but you have to first enter edit mode, select effect then remember what the three knobs do for each effect. Once you get there we are talking three parameters. No various types of tap tempo delays, no analog, no digital, just the one they gave you.

Amp Sims,
Not really what I cared about today but seem decent. At least the three knobs in preset mode are always active for Gain tone and Level.

Decent, Effects are very limited, very minimal user feedback as to what is happening, large # of amp sims, built in expression pedal, small, light and battery powered.

For Me..... No way. Sounds are not only limited (and just passable) but would be a nightmare to adjust in real time (assuming I could memorize what most things do). As an effect pedal / looper the M9 for example (same appx size) is in a different league. As an amp simulator it may be worthy but I didn't really care much about that today. Sad really as the battery power and built in pedal were big pluses........ Oh well.... search goes on.....


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