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Originally Posted by jpd View Post
"Bloodwood is harder, stiffer, and heavier that Black Ebony and unlike Black Ebony it rings like glass. It is a very resonate wood with eternal sustain."

Now I'm GASSING for Bloodwood
I’ve been gassing to make a guitar with this Bloodwood for a long time now. I bought a nice sized board of it and re-sawed a number of back and sides sets. The big advantage of doing it this way is if a side breaks while bending I have a number of sisters to try again.

Originally Posted by Lonzo View Post
Amazing to see the difference in that top surface, quite convincing, besides the other benefits you list... and a clue for the hammer... since I stop by your flickr page at times I saw that and couldn’t figure out why that was there...
It is quite obvious you do something you love and live. Congrats !
Thanks Lonzo, I do love what I get to do. I love working with these tools but,
in this thread I’m trying to separate out the actual advantages hand tools bring to the quality of my work.

Originally Posted by magirus View Post
It's marvellous to see you working this way with these tools, bravo!
Thanks magirus!
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