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Originally Posted by bsman View Post
Depends. I have an old (2010) Emerald X7 with a B-Band (OEM) installed pickup and preamp that has never made me terribly happy and a Rainsong Shorty SG with the installed Fishman system I've been able to get really nice tones from.
Just the opposite for me: I have a second generation X7 with the B-Band pickup, and it is one of my favorites for acoustic amplification. I had a Shorty with the Fishman Prefix+T; decent amplified, but not as good as the B-Band to my ears.

Different strokes. I generally run my guitars through a Play Acoustic and into a Bose S1 or L1c. Each of those PAs color the sound a bit, as does the surroundings. I am probably not in the majority in that I don't expect the plugged in sound to be "like the guitar only louder"... if it sounds good, I'm good to go.
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