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Originally Posted by Earl49 View Post
It might be cool to have a coffee table book detailing the history of CF instruments. Paging Wicked Wahine.....

I have some notes on Rainsong pieced together from the forums and personal experience over the years. Saw my first RS in the late 90's and thought it cool - but the early ones were VERY expensive ($3500 retail). I bought my WS-1000 in 2017 once the prices were more moderate.
By the mid 90s the Adamas guitars with carbon fibre tops were already in production for almost 20 years. Around that time Ovation also developed a full carbon fibre/graphite guitar, the Q. Only 12 were made, and only the last one made it to retail. It is actually now available for sale at another forum for a measly $14,500 ...
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