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If drafted, I will not run. If elected I will not serve. I am now going through the pimping stage for a book that has taken me 8 years to write--my plate is full.

I am with the Captain on the expense and time of such a project--that's why I think there should be at least $80,000 of up-front money for the editor/publisher.

I do not see a problem with market: every music store in America and abroad, libraries, and owners of composite instruments. It also seems to me that the individual makers get along pretty well, have quite different instruments, and would welcome a book that places them at the forefront of an innovative enterprise.

I did not mention Wicked in this proposal knowing that there are a number of people here who are capable of the task. For examples, Wicked, Strumalot, and Michael of McNichol fame (an avid historian).

This is not a task for me, but it is a worthy task and would be the guide for the future museum of new world guitars.
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