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Originally Posted by dkstott View Post
The old wives tale of the truss rods adding weight has long been dispelled.

When and by whom? Just curious.

A true "concert" classical guitar is, generally, a different instrument than a nylon-strung "cross-over". Many classical guitar makers and players don't want the added weight of anything: generally, light-weight tends towards "responsive".

I have classical guitars for four decades that don't have neck reinforcement or adjustable truss rods. Not a single one of them needs the amount of relief in the neck adjusted. Adjustable truss rods, if used for their intended purpose, aren't really necessary on classical guitars. Whether or not they are necessary on cross-overs is another question. I wouldn't think twice about buying a classical guitar that did not have an adjustable truss rod. I would think twice about one that did - it would make me wonder about the approach of that maker. Obviously, the sound and playability are what matter: construction details are secondary, if that.
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