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Originally Posted by TomB'sox View Post
Do you think that plum wood, Bavarian plum wood, would make a red white and blue guitar?
I think it would make a fine Red, White, Blue and then some guitar!

Originally Posted by Jlhunt View Post
I absolutley love the fret markers and the guitar is simply stunning. You mentioned you have some Sheoak sets. I recently acquired some beautiful figured Sheoak boards and am going to build with them. What has been your experience working with Sheoak?

Thanks Jim, I haven't made a guitar with it yet but it's reputation and my initial impression when cleaning it up is that it will tend more toward fundamentals but I also expect a good quick response with a little more overtones than Mahogany.

Originally Posted by The Bard Rocks View Post
That plum will be nice looking.
Thanks! I was lucky to get these sets.

Originally Posted by ukejon View Post
Love that style of fret marker. Great eye appeal.
Thanks ukejon! I like it a lot too! I don't know who did it first. I think Kostal called it Baskin fret markers.

Originally Posted by mikealpine View Post
That Plumwood is gorgeous! Might nice with a rich cedar top, an we all know I think everything goes well with Redwood!
Cedar or Redwood would work very well with Plumwood. It strikes me that it will be versatile enough to handle a range of different tops.

As a matter of fact I just received a new billet of Western Red Cedar that might fit the bill quite well. It's old, perfectly quartered and sounds wonderful. This billet was hand cut and hand split so there isn't any run out.
Here it is:

It's 9" wide, 25" long and 6 1/2" thick. I started cleaning it up a bit today to get a good look and plan my attack. I'm afraid I didn't get too far with the scrub plane today because I'm so sore from shoveling snow all day yesterday.

One advantage of cleaning up with a plane is you get a good clean look at the colors in the wood:

For comparison here is what I was getting from the tri-color Sitka:

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