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Just rolled into our little house in the Tropical Tip. Well, Rufus thinks it's a mansion after spending 2 1/2 months in the motorhome. We did something a bit different this time: stopped at our storage unit (inland) and unloaded a bunch of stuff from the motorhome into the CR-V. Um, "bunch" may not be accurate, since the motorhome holds a lot more than the Honda SUV. I told Joan "only essentials" for this first trip. I mention that because the X7 stayed behind in the motorhome.

Once home and getting kinda moved back in, I went into my music room... decisions, decisions... there is still plenty to get done, but I pulled the X10 out and strummed a few tunes. Rufus came and laid by my feet. Joan said, "That sounds good." My fingers said, "You need to spend some more time on the strings, son."

I wondered which guitar would be the first to be uncased.
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