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Default Forgive me, forum, for I have sinned...

The sin of neglect. I haven't been playing guitar much for the past several months. Some of you may know I had a total hip replacement at the end of April. Other than not being able to comfortably sit at my favorite guitar chair for a while, that didn't hinder my playing. After a muscle tear that set back my recovery for a bit, I went after the exercise and physical therapy like a full-time job. I had a goal: to get back to riding my scoot as soon as possible.

The surgeon said, "Too dangerous - you are done riding." I fired him.

Since we retired in 2006, we have done some kind of summer adventure - oten working a seasonal boat job, sometimes cruising on our own boat, traveling, and last year: spending 3 months in the beautiful Black Hills (western South Dakota). We used to live there, and I find it calls me back... when the weather is decent... I haven't forgotten what winters in the frozen northland can be like.

Joan and the surgeon both said, "No," to getting away this summer. It made me go after the exercise even harder. And on July 17th, we left the Tropical Tip, heading north to the Black Hills. The hip situation has been improving... I think it is because we have had plenty riding time (I'm on a Vespa these days), which has been good for me physically, and even more so for my head and soul. I continue to walk, ride a bicycle, and exercise.

Alas (and how often do you get to say "alas"), even though that sweet X7 travels with us, I have been neglecting the guitar time. Probably only playing once or twice a week, as opposed to my normal daily playing routine. I'm going to say it has been a matter of focus.

I started playing guitar at age 11; riding motorcycles at 14. Both have remained life-long passions. There is a normal ebb and flow for how much time I spend with each.

We should be back home next week, and once settled in and having a music room that makes it easy to play, I have no doubt I will pick up the pace. And, the scoots will get less "play time." The riding in the Black Hills is truly spectacular; not so much in the Tropical Tip.

There has been some guitar content during our time away. I mentioned going to a music store in Rapid City, SD, and enjoying time playing some of their large selection of Taylors. Yesterday, we took the factory tour at Collings Guitars (only offered once a week) in Dripping Springs, TX (west of Austin). We both enjoyed seeing their process, but it didn't make me want to add another wood guitar.

In fact, I am looking forward to playing the guitars I have (and some haven't been out of their cases for over a year), and currently don't have any desire to add any new ones (Gasp!). Hope I didn't violate any forum rules by putting that in writing.

I still look in on this forum each day, and my thanks to all of you for keeping fun guitar content going. I will try to do better.

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