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Originally Posted by musicman1951 View Post
If I were spending $4,000 I'd travel to a store with a sizable collection of guitars in that range and play them all.

It doesn't take me 30 minutes to know if a guitar is the one. Some I know are not the one in just a few seconds.

Santa Cruz, Collings and Martin: you can't go too far wrong with those choices. Enjoy the search.
Disagree. I've found that Martins are like Gibsons. Some have it, some don't. Was playing a D35 yesterday and was a dog compared to the D18 hanging next to it. That's just the latest example of what I've found playing different Martins over the past 35 years. You've got to play them to know if it's good or not. Gibson the same exact thing. Haven't played a Collings guitar (though I've played their mandolins), but I get the impression that one can count on the average Collings to sound/play/look more impressive sight-unseen, than the average Martin or Gibson. That's what the boutique market buys you. They make less instruments, so their quality control is better. I know that in boutique electric guitars, I've owned 4 Tom Andersons and played many more, and every single one was exceptional. Versus Fender, Gibson, etc... where it's the luck of the draw which ones really stand-out.

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