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Originally Posted by John Bartus View Post
Seeing as we have another Ghost thread that has been reborn, I will chime in with my two cents' worth. Martin guitars with Fishman Aura onboard preamps (IMHO) are easily the best sounding plug direct to PA / DI guitars there are. I now own five. Classic DC-Aura, two jumbos (rosewood and maple), a newer DC-Aura GT, and a Custom Shop DC-Aura with the F1+ preamp. While the custom shop model rarely leaves my home studio, I gig with the rest all the time.


Although it's not quite there yet, I'm a big advocate of sound image technology, and so is Martin, Yamaha, Ovation, Godin, et al.

Technically it's 'cheating' since all the processing takes place in the digital domain in real time, so you should consider it an 'effect'. As in the case of most pieces of technology, I expect the price to fall with a corresponding increase in processing power and performance.

'Soft' synths 'virtually' ended the career of a large array of physical keyboards in the studio. Perhaps in the future you will only need ONE guitar to fulfill all your needs...unless you're a 'purist'.

Here's mic modelling applied to a solid bodied instrument.'s guitar modelling

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