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Originally Posted by vindibona1 View Post
Tommy has a special EQ and effects thing that he has in his sound.

I'm thinking EQ control is more important than the system in the guitar itself. The ES2 system as an example is NOT BALANCED (as was the ES1). So when I plug into a house system it sounds like crap... unless I go through my little preamp first. Just having a preamp with no adjustments improves the sound tremendously. Then I can dial it in as necessary. The ES1 system is better for that because it is balanced, but still benefits from the preamp, but differently. JME
Correct, he has a mic/undersaddle combo inside his guitar, and uses an AER amp with an AER Colorizer....and he has a sound man that runs his shows. Not all of us can manage that...but then again, we're not Tommy, either.
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