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Originally Posted by antsdmb View Post
Drool...walnut is my favorite tonewood next to mahogany. Wish I had some money laying around. I'd sign up for a build in a heartbeat. Nicest walnut ice seen in a while. Congrats Mark!
Thanks antsdmb,

I'm making a pretty good investment in walnuts and expect to have a great selection for the foreseeable future so keep me in mind if you bump into a pile of money laying around!

Originally Posted by TomB'sox View Post
Wow, Mark beautiful woods again. I think of Walnut as a real mellow sounding, even guitar, what kind of tops would you be thinking about pairing with these? Would these be mostly fit for fingerstyle?


Thanks Tom,

I'm going to make some gross generalizations applicable to an overly simplified world so don't hold me too tightly to this.

If we were to place mahogany on the end of a long table and place rosewood on the other end I would put Eastern Black Walnut exactly in the middle. I would put Claro halfway between the Black Walnut and the mahogany and I would put Bastogne Walnut halfway between the Black Walnut and the rosewood. Tonally speaking that's about how they fall.

Now which wood makes a better fingerstyle guitar? Rosewood or mahogany?
I don't think anyone will ever get anything like a consensus among musicians on that one! So to answer your question I think walnut can make an extremely wonderful fingerstyle guitar especially with cedar on it. I think walnut can make an extremely wonderful strummer especially with a little harder top like a good Sitka even Red Spruce. Walnut is a very versatile wood. I'm banking on it filling the void that will open as the availability of exotics diminishes. I do believe woods like walnut have the potential and beauty to fill that void wonderfully. The only thing that I wonder about is why it hasn't happened already!

I've mentioned Bastogne Walnut but haven't posted any pictures of this more rosewood like walnut. It's a rare hybrid between Claro and English Walnut and has the not unusual hybrid characteristic of not being like either parent as it is much harder than both it's parents.

Here are pictures of side and back wood billets that I have incoming. Hopefully I'll have them tomorrow:

Pretty, aren't they!

Mark Hatcher

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