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Originally Posted by Luke_ View Post
Does anyone have experience with the focusrite saffire pro 24? Also looking for suggestions on a mics. (Matched pair at different locations)(large diaphram) Could I do the condenser and use the aura built in for "stereo". I figured that with the FireWire and multi input recording thru mixcraft I could make a decent little home recording. Thoughts?
Well looks like you up'd your budget quite a bit. Can't tell you much about the saffire pro, think it has decent mic pre's(2) and haven't hear too many complaints. The UR44 is what I am going to upgrade from my UR22(more I/O 2 headphone jacks, DSP software. I do know the Yamaha/Steinberg D-Pres are really nice. Firewire is pretty much on the way out though and finicky about firewire chip sets on the PC's.
As for mics another tricky question as there are many choices. I just ordered a CAD e70 Stereo bundle. Two SDC's each with cardoid and omni capsules, a stereo bar and 2 mic cables all for 200 bucks delivered. I'll report my impressions as I will try X/Y, ORTF, a single mic, perhaps one e70 and one LDC. All these options are mainly for tracking acoustic gtrs. Again carefully research firewire compatibility as only certain chipsets on your machine will work properly with firewire. You just can't assume it would.
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