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RP - simply, if a restaurant has a tv that we don't want to watch, we go elsewhere.

I hear you - Televisions blasting CNN, Fox and ESPN (along with the breaking news crawler) are omnipresent in our society; it's very Orwellian. And I have no idea why.

So Ichoose to do it differently. In my dental office, I have a live feed from Cornell Lab's bird feeders on Sapsucker Lake in Ithaca. I also have a loop of beaches in the Bahamas. Note that the TV is also used to display xrays, photos, etc as needed, but honestly, the birds (not the Byrds, although we did have Levon Helm* up for one patient) are a big hit.

* We were watching Levon's Homespun video on drumming. It has sooo many tie-ins to how we approach guitar.

PPS - at a local 'regional' grocery store (Stew Leonard's), they have videos of Stew talking to the farmers and fisherman that he buys from. Plus, some of them highlight what to look for when selecting food. IMO, that's a good use of the media
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