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Originally Posted by paulzoom View Post
Based on the OP's thread, I ordered a set of Primetone 1.0 picks. Even though they are made from different material they are almost identical to my gravity 1.1 picks (my current go to pick). The only thing I didn't like is that they are a bit slippery but I solved that by putting a small bit of duct tape at the top.
Paul, I've shared this before so you've probably seen it previously. Been doing this thirty years. Take a plain piece of white cotton medical tape (make sure it's genuine cotton) and fold it over the top, sticky side down:

It does two things:

1) The cotton whisks away the moisture and sweat and oils from your hands
2) The tape is slightly sticky.

Rinse & Repeated As Needed.

Try it! Really works -- and cheap cheap cheap!

Scott Memmer
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