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Holy smokie artichokie!!!

I think you were being a little brief in your lush and balanced description haha....

I do not know how a guitar could sound any better than that...if it did, it is not a guitar! Man I thought the bass was perfect, strong, but not overpowering and people describe trebles as crystalline, if that description is not perfect for these bright, clear, beautiful trebles, I don't know what would be!!!! Amazing, you are so fortunate....hey, I got a thousand bucks right now to take that off your hands hahahaha, might even go 1200!!!!!!

As an aside for Steve, "The Old Rugged Cross" was my father's favorite hymn and I sang it for him at his funeral....I wish you would have been there to play it for me instead, have to say, I might of felt a little extra eye lubrication during that one!!!!

PS. I love guitars!