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Thanks guys.

To clarify : I do not think my methods are better then anybody`s. If you take 1000 luthiers, you will see a 1000 methods to do the same thing, and that is wonderful to me. People build their own jigs, copy other jigs and modify them. You go foreward and learn what works for you personally or doesnt work.

I am just doing what works for me.

The big soulless factorys should disapear and small luthiers should flourish. I have a tremendous respect for wooden guitar builders, and I`m speaking to luthiers who build all wood acoustic guitars by themselves without employees.

I am hearing it is difficult to stay a float in these tough economic times. If they sell 1 per month they are happy. I am too scared to start a business in 2016 with all wooden guitars, build 1 per month and hope somebody buys it.

That is the primary reason why i have designed a system with a higher capacity per person per month. A composite unibody (back, sides , neck + headstock) takes 3 hours to make (+ 24 hours room temperature curing +15 hours heat curing).

I do not have to tell wooden acoustic gutiar builders who are reading this how long it takes to thickness the back and sides, bend the sides, glue the components on, shape the neck etc ( i would guess 2 to 3 weeks). I think wooden acoustic guitars are beautifull and i `m not trying to replace them. Wooden acoustic guitars will never ever disapear. I simply believe it`s economically unviable in 2016 to start a business in The Netherlands that makes 1 unit per month. The cheapest space in my area is a 14000 Euro bill for 1 year, and that`s only the space. I would have to sell 2 or 3 wooden gutiars per month just to pay bills.

I may click ignore on somebodys name from now on if i don`t like the vibe of the message, but I also would like to say i feel no ill will towards anybody on this site, and i wish to live life without enemys. I wish everybody well and i respect everybodys buildig methods.

build, learn, grow