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I agree with this post. Let the guy roll and let's see what happens. To the extent that people's expectations and assumptions are challenged - GREAT!

It worked for some guy name Antonio De Torres. Not that this will work, but maybe it will. Give the man wide birth in a supportive way and let's all enjoy the ride!


Originally Posted by matthewpartrick View Post
I've gone back and edited several posts in the past two pages.

Asking reasonable questions to the poster is expected, as long as the tone of the feedback is inquisitive and constructive. This is different from asking the same thing eight or nine times, which some posters in this thread have done.

The Acoustic Guitar Forum is supposed to be an inclusive place, and I will do everything I can to keep this thread open as long as possible. I think the OP has done an admirable job attempting to maintain a positive tone towards legitimate questions as well as trolling attacks.

It's not out of the realm of possibility to temporarily ban people for repeated attacks, and it's basically up to the discretion of the moderators. Please keep this in mind when posting in this thread in the future.
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