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Originally Posted by mikealpine View Post
I'm a fan of innovative efforts. Whether this achieves the final results you hope for or not remains to be seen, but I applaud your perseverance and willingness to push the envelope. Hope that it turns out better than you expected, or at least that you learn enough from the process to continue to refine it and grow from there. It is very hard to be so wide open to scrutiny. I'm not an engineer, and have nothing to add to (or detract from) your ideas. Just wanted to put out some encouragement for pushing forward. Do you have any idea when you expect a completed guitar?
Thank you. It is difficult to say how long it will take witch accuracy. I can do some things as a series, and some things are bottle necked by 1 operation.

I am still working on the mastershape that is the basis for the negative mold. This will take another month or something.

When that is all done im gonna spend something like 2 weeks on body production only. When they are made i will make a box that holds the body and an adjustable flat plane for the routerfoot to level the guitar, this line is the top of the soundboard as well as the bottom of the fretboard when you look from the sideview.

When i have 8 bodies that are up to spec, i`ll make a template thats fits in every body to route the soundboards with. The soundboard aspect of my produuction system seems to work, i am now flattening and joining 1 soundboard per day. I`ll just put 1 coat of clear on it to protect it for now. I am too scared to route the rosettes in now, because i want it to be dead center following the body arch.

This is a development phase, so making the jigs takes a lot longer then an operation, but it`s an investment for the future to spend time now to get it right.

So long story short : i don`t know how long it will take. If i have unit 1 in 4 months, that will be fine with me.
build, learn, grow

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