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John, that mold (and part) looks nice.

Soundclips of the 3 prototypes (that did have some features i described) can be found here :

Some things are indeed not yet implemented because i only got this funding on March 1st, before this it was nickel and dimes.

About a carbon soundboard, i have never heard a guitar with carbon back, sides and neck and then a carbon soundboard that had warmth, that`s why i use a wooden soundboard. Carbon is unsuitable for a soundboard in my humble opinion (it might work on an all mahogany body). You would not put a rock hard maple soundboard on a maple body, if the body is hard, the top should be soft (clarity + warmth).

"Top plate is a standard wet lay-up and removes MORE resin so, better material to resin ratio."

Resin infusion has a much better resin to fabric ratio then hand layup.

I thought about a dupli carver for the wooden neck insert, but im gonna use the same router bit that shapes the plug for the mold to route the neck inserts, so the curvature match. Still a pretty nifty machine to have a dupli carver....
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